About Velázquez Press

Velázquez Press is the Preeminent Authority in Academic Language and Biliteracy. We understand the unique needs of English Learners. We provide resources and professional development to support student achievement through connecting language and content, testing accommodations, family engagement and online communities.

What We Believe

There are more than 5 million English Learners in the United States. Only 62% of English Learners graduates from high school (versus 82% average). Velázquez Press believes a difference can be made with four key principles:

Principle 1: Promote Biliteracy as an asset for student achievement

Most countries in the world require students to learn more than one language. In the United States, students are often limited to English-only education. Velázquez Press believes students will benefit from biliterate and multicultural learning environments. For this reason, Velázquez Press has been a proud sponsor of the Seal of Biliteracy since 2010.

Principle 2: Help English Learners acquire academic language

Helping English Learners develop proficiency in academic language is a priority for our publishing programs. We support academic language development in ELD/ESL/ESOL/ dual language classrooms by connecting academic language with content classroom learning.

Principle 3. Provide professional development for teachers and administrators

Many teachers and administrators see English Learners' language and culture differences as barriers for student achievement. Through professional development, Velazquez Press helps schools understand the benefits of being multilingual and multicultural by building asset-based strategies to close the English Learner achievement gap.

Principle 4. Engage families and communities to build education partnership

For years, schools followed a parent involvement model which did not involve bilingual communities. Velazquez Family Engagement Program pioneers an asset-based family and community engagement model to help schools build partnerships with bilingual families and communities.

Our History

76 years 7 months ago
1942 Velázquez Spanish English Dictionary Student Edition
Follett, under the copyright of D Appleton & Company, published Velázquez Spanish English Dictionary. It was published with two versions, a standard edition and a student edition.

Reference: The history of lexicography: papers from the Dictionary Research Centre By R.R. K Hartmann, University of Exeter, page 237