Velázquez Spanish and English Glossary for the Mathematics Classroom

Velàzquez Press

SKU: 9781594950179
Language: Spanish
Publisher: Velàzquez Press

Velázquez Spanish and English Word to Word Dictionary for Mathematics was written specially for native Spanish speakers to use and communicate in the mathematics classroom. The word-to-word format also allows students to use Velázquez Spanish and English Word to Word Dictionary for Mathematics in state standardized testing. It covers mathematic terms and common mathematic phrases from 4th grade to 12th grade.

Key Features:

  • The ultimate bilingual resource for the mathematics classroom, with over 10,000 translations critical for math learning
  • Supports development of language skills necessary to formulate, analyze, and solve math problems with proficiency
  • Extensive coverage of mathematic terms in the areas of arithmetic, logic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, statistics, and calculus
  • Covers words that apply to the mathematic and scientific method
  • Includes common vocabulary for the mathematics classroom


  • Word-to-Word translation format meets requirements for use on state standardized tests
  • Great resource to help ESL students develop language skills, encourage literacy, and grow content knowledge
  • Extensive collection of academic vocabulary helps students accelerate classroom learning
  • Great tool for Spanish speaking parents helping their children with homework