Velázquez Press Family Engagement Program

Promote Equity & Build Family Engagement Capacity

The Velázquez Family Engagement Program is an innovative approach to engage families with cultural and linguistic diversity.

Deficit Based Parent Involvement VS Asset Based Family Engagement

Traditional Parent Involvement Program
  • Views cultural diversity and rich languages as deficit for family engagement
  • Often becomes home tutor service for students
  • Focuses on teaching English literacy
Velázquez Family Engagement Program
  • Implements cultural diversity and rich languages as an asset for family engagement
  • Empowers parents to do homework with their kids
  • Engages families in various topics to help students succeed

Build an Effective Plan - Initiate cultural change and view parents as an asset

In Phase 1, we help participants understand the difference between “asset-based” and “deficit-based” family engagement. We identify challenges of current policies and help build a new and effective “asset-based” family engagement action plan.

  • Learn how to use VIPI (Velázquez Index of Parental Involvement) to evaluate current policy and strategy for family engagement
  • Identify barriers and generate solutions to connect with families
  • Help school personnel recognize families as “assets” to school and community culture
  • Address challenges of current policy to build “asset-based” family engagement plan
  • Create action plan that meets new ESSA requirement for parent and family engagement

Enhance Family Participation & Engagement - Partner with parents to encourage community collaboration

In the traditional model of family engagement, only a small group of parents participate. Velázquez Family Engagement Program uses a parent-driven approach to grow parent participation.

  • Tailor family engagement to address parent needs and concerns
  • Create a safe space for open discussions on topics like education, nutrition, discipline, finance and motivation
  • Use effective strategies (i.e., book club) to increase family engagement
  • Empower parents to engage other parents who don’t participate
  • Provide ongoing support to facilitate purposeful meetings

Empower Families to Learn Together - Promote at-home learning and provide easy-to-use strategies

Traditional family engagement programs “give parents fish” in the form of lectures and tutors. Velázquez Family Engagement Program “teaches parents how to fish” by leveraging technological innovation.

  • Empower ELL families to meaningfully support their children’s academic success
  • Create partnerships between teachers and ELL parents for stronger student achievement
  • Provide parent-friendly training and materials to help extend what happens in the classroom at home
  • Teach parents how to access funds of knowledge at home

What is the Velázquez Index of Parental Involvement (VIPI)?-+

Velázquez Index of Parental Involvement (VIPI) is an index to help schools evaluate their family engagement programs. It views parents as assets and helps schools work with multicultural and multilingual families.

What do you mean “asset-based” model for family engagement?-+

Many schools struggle to connect with multicultural/multilingual families because they assume language and culture are barriers. Velázquez Family Engagement Program views these barriers as assets and promotes a paradigm shift in school culture.

Is the program limited to ELL families? -+

No. The principles and strategies apply to families struggling to connect with the school. The action plan is customized to fit individual school needs, while the issues addressed in meetings will be decided by individual communities.

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