Culturally Sustaining Sheltered Instruction Institute

Designed to provide a professional learning event exploringthe role of translanguaging as a transformative approach topedagogy and effective teaching for bilingual and multilingualstudents.

Areas of support:

Supporting the Translanguaging “Movement” for socialjustice by educators, families, and publishers
An identified need for more translanguaging support inall school classroom
Understanding Translanguaging Pedagogy and itseffectiveness in the classroom by leadership
Josephine Rubio
Schedule At A Glance
Culturally Sustaining Sheltered Instruction Institute 
In-Person Event 
June 8-9, 2023
8:30 p.m.
Early: $450.00 per person
Late: $500.00 per person

Groups of 3 or more will receive a $50 discount per registration

Call 626-448-3448 or
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