Fulfilling the Promise of Biliteracy: Creating a Successful and Sustainable Secondary Dual Language Program

Velàzquez Press | Biliteracy

SKU: 978-1-59495-801-4
Author: Kris Nicholls
Language: English
Publisher: Velàzquez Press | Biliteracy

In continuation of the work started in Dr. Nicholl's first book, From Subtractive to Additive, her newest entry will support you and your team as you seek to transition your elementary dual language (DL) program to a successful and sustainable secondary program. Over a three-year planning period, the DL Transition Team, a shared leadership team that includes stakeholders from the district and each site that currently and will in the future host a DL program, will collaborate on important topics to ensure a smooth and successful transition to a strong and sustainable secondary DL program.