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When I Dream | Cuando Sueño

When I Dream | Cuando Sueño


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"When I Dream is for all teachers who dream and inspire their students to dream. As part of a poetry, dance and music institute the phrase “When I Dream” came to mind. I took up that phrase and began to build on it, When I Dream was the result. It is a message of hope and responsibility: We can and must create new worlds for our children, worlds filled with the inspiration they require to grow into their best potential. It is meant to be a gift of inspiration for veteran and future teachers. Illustrations are original art work by my son who dreamed of being an artist." - Francisca Sánchez

This teacher appreciation gift is a great coffee table book for teachers. The book includes an illustrated hard cardboard case to protect the book from any damage or spills. 

Part of the book sales proceeds are donated to the CABE (California Association for Bilingual Education) Teachership Award 

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