Advancing Equity in Dual Language Education: 
Re-imagining a New Normal for Dual Language Programs

Dual Language Equity Institute
Virtual Event (2 Saturdays)
Sept 25 • Oct 02
8:00am-12:30pm PST each day

Day 1: Sat Sept 25, 8:00am-12:30pm PST
Day 2: Sat Oct 2, 8:00am-12:30pm PST
Optional Family Day: Included in registration, you may attend the English sessions or the Spanish sessions at our Family Day on Oct 9th. See below for details.
$299 per person
$250 per person beyond 3 from same district

Group Registration (3+)
Call 626-448-3448 or Email

Dual Language Equity Institute: Family Day
Virtual Event for Dual Language Families
Oct 09

Delivered in English: 8:00-10:25am  PST
Delivered in Spanish: 11:00-1:25pm PST
$99 per person
$65 per person beyond 3 from same district

Group Registration (3+): 
Call 626-448-3448 or Email

Learning Outcomes:

Identify opportunities for infusing equity in DLI programs
Manage re-entry into DLI programs after a year of remote learning
Sustain and rebuild community within and across DLI Programs

Dual Language Equity Institute INCLUDES EBOOK + VIDEO:

You will receive an eBook +Video of Advancing Equity in Dual Language Education: A Guide for Leaders By Mariana Castro and Silvia Romero- Johnson ($29.98)

Dual Language Equity Institute: Family Day INCLUDES Book

You will receive a copy of YOU ARE NOT ALONE: RECIPES FOR SUCCESS BY PARENTS FOR PARENTSBy Lettie Ramirez ($14.95)

Presenter Bio


Mariana Castro
Silvia Romero-Johnson
Day 1
Saturday, September 25, 2021
8:00–8:15am PST
We know that the most effective and successful dual language programs are guided by visionary district leaders and long-term district wide commitment. Participants will get an overview of the institute and an opportunity to learn who will be their community of learners during the institute. 
8:15–9:15am PST
Panel Discussion 
In this session, a panel of administrators will share their plans for re-engaging stakeholders (students, parents, and community-at-large) returning to in-person learning.
9:15–9:30am PST

9:30–10:45am PST
Leading for Equity
Dual language programs can be levers for equity for bi/multilingual learners. Leaders play a critical role in ensuring that dual language programs can deliver on the promise of equitable outcomes. 
10:45–11:00am PST

11:00–12:15pm PST
Managing Change, Structures, and People for Equity 
Once the vision has been shared and communicated, leaders have to engage in change management as well as ensuring that systems and structures are aligned to attain the specific goals of dual language programs.
12:15–12:30pm PST
Day 2
Saturday, October 2, 2021
8:00–9:15am PST
Teaching for Equity
In this session, participants will have an opportunity to reconnect to research-based effective instructional practices and curriculum development essential for dual language education settings. 
9:15–9:30am PST

9:30–10:45am PST
Professional Learning for Equity
As school communities return to in-person learning, professional learning plans will need to address the importance of an accelerative stance to learning rather than remediation. Participants will have an opportunity to refine professional learning plans for the year. 
10:45–11:00am PST

11:00–12:15pm PST
Partnering for Equity
Participants will have an opportunity to review and revise plans to engage with community organizations that have common interests with school communities to leverage support for the learning environment.
12:15–12:30pm PST
Day 3
Saturday, October 9, 2021
For parents & family members / para padres y encargados de familia:
Choose one option / Escoja una opción:
OPTION A / OPCIÓN A: 8:00-10:25am PST: Two sessions, delivered in English / Dos sesiones, en inglés
OPTION B / OPCIÓN B: 11:00am-1:25pm PST: The same two sessions, delivered in Spanish / Las mismas dos sesiones, en español

Option A - Delivered in English:
8:00–8:15am PST

8:15–9:15am PST
Dual Language Immersion Programs: A Time for Renewed Hope
In this session, parents and family members will have an opportunity to review the goals of dual language programs. Parents will also be able to provide input on how parents as essential stakeholders can raise their voices to advocate for their children and in support of program growth and development.
9:15–9:25am PST

9:25–10:25am PST
Family Engagement and Pathway to Biliteracy Award

Opción B - En español: 
11:00–11:15am PST

11:15–12:15pm PST
Programas de Doble Inmersión: Tiempo de Esperanza Renovada
En esta sesión, los padres y encargados de familia tendrán la oportunidad de repasar los objetivos de los programas de lenguaje dual. También podrán generar ideas sobre cómo abogar por sus estudiantes y cómo apoyar el desarrollo y crecimiento de sus programas.
12:15–12:30pm PST

12:25–1:25pm PST
Compromiso familiar y reconocimiento/premios de la senda/camino hacia la biliteracidad
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