Velázquez Press is the Preeminent Authority in Academic Language and Biliteracy. We understand the unique need of English learners. We provide materials and PD to help support academic language development and connect language and content, testing accommodations, parent engagement and interactive mobile websites for English learners.


There are more than 5 million English learner students in the United States. Only 1 in 3 English learner students graduates from high school every year. This problem is especially acute for Hispanic students. Velázquez Press believes we can make a difference with our four key principles:

Principle 1: Promote Biliteracy to change the negative into positive

Most countries in the world require students to learn a second language in school. In the United States, politicians in many states restrict students to learning only in English in their K-12 education. Velázquez Press believes students learning two or more languages will have a brighter future and enrich our world. Velázquez is a proud sponsor of the Seal of Biliteracy and promotes changing the negative views on bilingualism.

Principle 2: Help English learners to acquire academic English

Many English learners are born in the U.S., speak fluent English, but fail in school. The reason: these English learners have difficulty understanding academic vocabulary and using academic English. Velázquez Press understands the unique need of these English learners. By providing academic language programs, bilingual references and interactive social learning mobile websites, English learners can learn academic vocabulary and build their academic English skills in a fun and effective environment.

Principle 3. Provide professional development for teachers and educators

New York-based publisher Appleton and Co. hired Marino Velázquez de la Cadena, a Mexican born Colombia University professor, to publish an American version of a Spanish and English dictionary. The culminating work was A New Pronouncing Dictionary of the Spanish and English Languages. With the addition of more than 8,000 words and idioms, Velázquez’s dictionary was created with reference to Spanish dictionaries by the Spanish Academy, Terreros, Salva, and Seaoanne’s Edition of Neuman and Baretti, as well as English dictionaries by Webster, Worcester, and Walker. This version had more Latin American Spanish than other bilingual dictionaries

Principle 4. Get parents involved with EL students’ education

Language barriers and cultural differences often discourage English learners’ parents from getting involved in their children’s education. Velázquez Press provides schools with easy to follow parent involvement programs and helps parents get involved in their student’s education.
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Appleton and Co. hired J.S. Iribas and Edward Gray to revise the English-Spanish side of the original dictionary. The title was changed to The New Pronouncing Dictionary of the Spanish and English Language Ed.
Follett, under the copyright of D Appleton & Company, published Velázquez’s Spanish English Dictionary. It was published in two versions, a standard edition, and a student edition. The student edition served k-12 students and teachers.
Appleton-Century-Crofts updated and published the Velázquez dictionary under the new name, The New Revised Velázquez Spanish and English Dictionary. In 1960, Appleton–Century-Crofts is bought by Meredith Publishing Company.
Follett published the white cover version of Velázquez Spanish and English Dictionary and the green cover version, the Deluxe Edition Velázquez Spanish and English Dictionary.
New Win Publishing acquired the rights to publish the golden cover edition of the Velázquez Spanish and English Dictionary.
Velázquez Press was founded by Academic Learning Company, LLC, and published the silver, red and blue versions of Velázquez Spanish and English Dictionary – the first publication in nearly 20 years.
A new version of the k-12 student version, the Velazquez World Wide Spanish and English Dictionary is published and used as an accommodation for state standardized testing across the US.

Subject specific versions of the Velazquez Spanish and English Dictioanry for Math, Science and Social Studies are published.
The Velazquez Spanish and English Dictionary is digitized and made available to the public at ASKVelazquez.com.
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