• Developing Academic Vocabulary

    1. EquityIs your dual language programs equitable? How do districts establish dual language programs in the area need the service? How do you bring different dual language programs together?
    2. Leadership DevelopmentHow do districts develop new dual language school leaders? How do districts support dual language school leaders who do not understand dual language education?
    3. Program structure and sustainabilityWhat is the long-term plan for the dual language program? How do you bring different groups together to support your dual language programs? How do you transition your dual language program to secondary? How do you transform your TBE to DLI? 
    4. Curriculum and InstructionHow do you support student develop bilingualism and biliteracy? How do you develop social culture competence in your classroom? How do you embedded social emotion learning to support the post pandemic classroom? How do you address the low-performing dual-language programs? Do you provide bridging and transfer between your languages?
    5. Data analysis and AccountabilityHow do you use data to discover the area of improvement?
    6. Staff Quality and Professional DevelopmentCan your teacher teach content area in Spanish? How do you help your teachers improve their academic Spanish? How do you support coteaching in dual language classroom? How do you support your dual language teachers? How do you support recruiting new teachers?
    7. Family and Community Do you have a community support and celebrate your students , teachers and programs? How do your parents support the homework if they do not speak the target language?