"The most robust, evidence-based
digital language acquisition solution"

Velázquez Press partners with Drawp for School to bring best in class content in Google Slides™

The Drawp for School add-on for Google Slides™ supports all students in building academic language and metacognition proficiency through everyday assignments. 

It incorporates research-based scaffolds that meet each student at their own proficiency level in each language domain, that seamlessly integrate with the sheltered instructional strategies that you already implement in your daily classroom instruction -all within Google Slides. By engaging students in practice through everyday assignments, it sets students on the road for reclassification and helps all students meet grade level standards.

For the Student

  • Facilitates learning: rigor and complexity grow as students move up grade levels

  • Language acquisition: provides support in developing proficiency in all 4 language domains (speaking, listening, reading, and writing)

  • Safe place for everyday practice: the more they use the scaffolds, the more they improve

  • Engaging: encouraging meaning making to contribute or shift thinking

For the Teacher

  • Saves time: reduces the workload for content-area teachers by automatizing the integration of scaffolded supports

  • Facilitates learning and acquisition of language: helps connect content with language

  • Differentiation: easily support students at all content and language proficiency levels

  • Independent and group work: can be in any setting, in and outside of the school

For the District Administration

  • Evidence-based: chance of success improve after one year of use, according to 3yr NSF Study:

    • reading: from 50% to 98%

    • learning comprehension: from 50% to 94%

    • oral expression: from 50% to 75%

  • Compliance: enables access to grade level content

  • Reclassification: showed effectiveness in improving ELPAC scores

  • Curriculum independent: can be used into any curriculum, and works regardless of teacher’s prior level of ELA experience

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