• One day, virtual (three 90-minute sessions)
    • Presented by Liz Howard & Shera Simpson

    The Guiding Principles for Dual Language Education call for coordination of instruction across languages, but what does this really look like in practice, and how can teachers do it effectively? In this full-day, virtual workshop, Liz and Shera will help your district take dual language instruction to the next level by strengthening coordination of instruction across program languages through the use of cross-linguistic pedagogies.

    Session I: Laying the Foundation for Dual Language Tandem Teaching

    This session lays the groundwork for dual language tandem teaching by reviewing key principles of dual language education and introducing a framework for co-teaching in dual language programs.

    Session II: Core Instructional Strategies for Dual Language Classrooms

    In this session, we introduce core instructional strategies that are essential for all dual language lessons. These strategies cut across common approaches, such as SIOP, GLAD, and Teaching for Biliteracy, and are appropriate for all program models.

    Session III: Introduction to Cross-Linguistic Pedagogies

    We end the day by reviewing key points related to cross-linguistic coordination in the Guiding Principles and providing an introduction to seven cross-linguistic pedagogies that promote connections across program languages.