STAAR: linguistic accommodations for ells participating in the STAAR programs

1. Bilingual dictionary (word/phrase translation dictionary)
A bilingual dictionary is a specialized standard dictionary used to translate words (and sometimes common phrases) from one language to another. Bilingual dictionaries are typically bidirectional so that the user can look up words in either language to find translations.

NOTE: Students who do not understand a translated word in their native language will not be helped by a bilingual dictionary. In addition, to use this type of dictionary effectively, an ELL needs a basic foundation of English, native language literacy, and the ability to use parts of speech and contextual information to narrow down the correct translation.

Allowed for

STAAR and STAAR L, all subjects and courses Linguistic accommodation for

  • mathematics, science,and social studies (all grades)
  • grades 3–5 reading and grade 4 writing

  • Reminder: Allowed for grade 6 and up reading and writing as part of the STAAR Dictionary Policy (not treated as a linguistic accommodation)