Velázquez Vietnamese Language Arts Academic Vocabulary Sheet for Level 9-12

Velàzquez Press

SKU: VIET 9-12 L
Language: Vietnamese
Publisher: Velàzquez Press

Key Features:

  • Top 300 Academic Vocabulary Word list Vietnamese speaking students MUST learn and use on state standardized tests and in the classroom
  • Available in 3 subjects (Language Arts, Math, Science) and 3 grade levels (3-5, 6-8, 9-12) in 80 languages
  • Aligned with Common Core and Texas standards
  • 3 hole punched and laminated for notebook insert


  • Provides ELD and content teacher preselected vocabulary for classroom preview and review
  • Great resource for schools implementing SDAIE or SIOP
  • Velázquez Vietnamese Language Arts Academic Vocabulary Glossary Sheet for Level 9-12 is the COMMON DENOMINATOR for ESL educators and content teachers
  • Qualified to use as an accommodation or variation on state standardized tests