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Velàzquez Press | Biliteracy

Boys Don't Cry

Boys Don't Cry


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Following his two poetry books Lo Que Se Dice, Se Hace/What You Say, You Do and Family/Familia, Dr. José Medina concludes his trilogy with a project that grows upon the topics explored in his previous works: anti-bullying, personal growth, and the importance of family for the immigrant/ESL community. In Boys Don’t Cry, he explores the troubles that come with coming out as gay in a traditional immigrant family. Written in authentic Spanish and English, Boys Don’t Cry, gives readers a glimpse into the internal struggles that Dr. José Medina had to endure to come out to everyone in his life. Whether it meant navigating his parents approval and disapproval, being confident in his identity at work, or finding out who his real friends were, the author looks back on it all with a patience and acceptance that will inspire young readers to be confident and proud of who they are, wherever they are in their life.

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