Academic Language

Dual Language Content Area Spanish and English Reference Set

A must-have for any new dual language classroom looking to ensure students and teachers correctly use academic language in Spanish and English, including difficult content-specific compound phrases.

Velázquez Academic Vocabulary Set for Dual Language Students

Set includes the top 900 high-frequency and important content-specific academic vocabulary words dual-language students must learn to improve academic language use. Sets are available for Elementary, Middle School and High School programs. Each set can be ordered in Spanish or English.

Mi cuaderno de vocabulario académico / Cuaderno de escritura académica para matemáticas

  • Integrates research based strategies and scaffolds to stimulate listening, speaking, reading and writing in academic language (may be used individually and in groups).
  • Provides structured opportunities for students to practice math writing in Spanish.
  • Helps students develop vocabulary and the necessary skills to explain and justify reasoning in Spanish.