Supporting academic language development is part of our soul at Velazquez Press. To help you reach your professional learning goals, here are some academic language development topics we can assist with:
Academic Language Development
How do schools maximize students’ opportunities to use and learn academic language in school? 
Family Engagement and ALD
How do schools partner with students’ families to leverage the cultural and linguistic capital of students’ family members? 
Dictionaries and ALD
How do schools ensure that students are using bilingual dictionaries effectively? What about other tools they are provided? 
Supporting Content Teachers with ALD
How can schools help content teachers support students’ academic language development without adding one more thing to their plates? 
Long-Term ELs
Do English learners in your school/district make consistent, timely progress towards full proficiency?
Do English learners in your school/district hit a plateau or stop making progress at a certain point? 
Social Emotional Learning
How are we providing students with the support they need to develop social emotional learning competencies? 
Which students need the most support in this area? 
Are they receiving adequate support? 
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