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  • Types of Funding

    There are three categories of federal funding available for English learners. Generally speaking, Title I, Title III, Title V and Title VII funds are used for English learners.

    1. Formula Funding: Federal funding is awarded based on a formula that calculates the amount per student times the number of LEP students.
    2. Competitive Funding: This funding is allocated through competition. The timing and requirements vary from state to state, but typically require
      that targeted programs are based in scientific research and are proven to have a positive impact on student achievement. The Race to the Top Fund is an example of competitive funding.
    3. Stimulus Funding: This funding is a one-time infusion of federal and competitive funds designed to avert layoffs, create and save jobs, and improve student achievement. The ARRA fund is an example.
  • Local Funding

    From voter approved bonds to PTA fundraising events, local funds are an important source of financial support for ESL education.  Many schools and districts also look for private grants from foundations or corporation support.