• Delievered by Sandra Mercuri & Vivan Pratts
    • Virtual; three 90-minute sessions
    • Coaching and planning services also available

      To develop authentic biliteracy for emergent and experienced bilingual learners, a shift from parallel monolingual English and Spanish instruction is needed. CLLIF is a holistic and integrated approach that embraces the bilinguals’ full linguistic repertoire as essential to meaning making through la trenza de la biliteracidad. The framework is anchored on bilingual pedagogies such as Preview-View-Review and Cross-Linguistic Connections. CLLIF empowers teachers to integrate reading, writing, oracy and metalanguage across the two languages. In this one-day virtual workshop, Sandra and Vivian will help the audience understand how to weave the two languages for biliteracy in the content areas.

Session I: Understanding CLLIF: the Content, Language and Literacy Integration Framework for Biliteracy

This session lays the foundation for the planning and delivery of biliteracy instruction. Specific attention is given to the alignment and integration of the language and literacy necessary for students to access content and demonstrate knowledge of the standards across the two languages

Session 2: Spanish or English Language and Literacy Development in the Content Area: A Five-Day Concept Cycle

In this session, we introduce a five-day cycle on how to plan for the integration of Spanish or English language and literacy into the content areas. The cycle guides teachers on how to integrate reading comprehension, foundational skills, conventions of grammar, writing across the curriculum, oracy, and metalanguage throughout the week.

Session 3: Biliteracy Pedagogies: Preview-View-Review & Cross-Linguistic Connections

We end the day by connecting the two languages through Preview-View-Review and Cross Linguistic Connections. Through these strategies we show how to validate students’ full linguistic repertoire as essential to meaning making and biliteracy development of bilinguals.


Lesson Planning: Virtual or Face-to-Face,1 Day

Sandra and Vivian will support teachers with the structures necessary for the effective implementation of CLLIF. Planning includes connecting standards to language use, the integration of Spanish or English Language and Literacy through the five-day concept cycle, as well as Preview-View-Review and Cross Linguistic Connections.

Job-Embedded Coaching: Face-to-Face, 3 Days

Following the planning session, teachers will have the opportunity to participate in observation and coaching cycles to implement CLLIF effectively. Coaching can be done one-on-one or through a clinical observation model.