Velázquez Academic Spanish Language Academy

An understanding of the structure and history of the Spanish language empowers educators to more effectively teach Spanish language and literacy skills with confidence. The Velázquez Academic Spanish Language Academy for Educators offers a series of courses designed to have an immediate and lasting impact on teaching practices in your classroom or context. Participants in this certification program dig deep into Spanish spelling rules, common mistakes, syllable structure, and the use of accents. Participants engage with activities to promote foundational literacy skills in Spanish as well as activities that develop students’ reading and writing skills in later grades. Sociocultural aspects of the Spanish language, such as regional variations and historical influences, are also explored.
General Overview:
  • La importancia de la ortografía (The Importance of Ortography)
  • Historia de la lengua española (History of the Spanish Language)
  • La fonología del español (Spanish Phonology)
  • Las reglas de acentuación (Rules for Accented Words)
  • Los signos de puntuación (Punctuation Marks)
  • Los fonemas que regularmente causan confusión (onfusing Phonemes)
  • El uso de las mayúsculas (The Use of Capital Letters)
  • Las palabras que con frecuencia nos causan dudas (Confusing Words and Spellings)
  • Ejercicios de práctica (Practice)
  • Conexiones interlingüísticas para los programas de Dos Idiomas/Doble Inmersión (Making Cross-linguistic Connections for Dual Language Programs)
Courses available:
  • Introduction to Academic Spanish Language in the Classroom
  • Academic Spanish Language in the K-2 Classroom
  • Academic Spanish Language in the 3-5 Classroom

All trainings are offered entirely in Spanish

Contact us for more information about available dates for your district/charter or campus. We have different delivery modalities for this 2-day institute.

Duration: 1 day

Delivery methods: Virtual, face-to-face, or hybrid


The Academic Spanish Language Academy for Educators is designed for all educators who teach Spanish language and literacy, and is appropriate for dual language, bilingual, and world language educators. This course might be for you if you:

  • Teach Spanish in a dual language program, as a foreign language, and/or to native speakers of Spanish; or
  • Speak Spanish and would like to learn more about why Spanish is the way it is and how it is used in various contexts today
  • Work with Spanish-speaking students in any context.