Biliteracy Institute

Family engagement for bilingual families is about CELEBRATION!

Velázquez Family Biliteracy Program is an innovative approach that helps schools celebrate the multilingual and multicultural assets of their students, family, and community. Together we can build a strong community that enhances the learning experiences of emergent bilinguals and value their cultural and linguistic diversity.

Courses available:

  • Are You on Track to Meet the Texas Family Engagement Requirements?
  • Implementing a Pathway to Biliteracy that Celebrates Students and Families' Assets of Language and Culture
  • Empowering Student, Families, and Communities by Creating Partnerships of Collaboration
  • Creating a Support System Beyond the School Setting

Areas of support:

  • To support your campus/district to create a Pathway to Biliteracy that celebrates students and families’ assets of cultural diversity and languages as they grow together in their biliterate path
  • Help you build and/or enhance your language program, whether bilingual and/or ESL, by creating engaging activities that are tailored to increase parent and family participation
  • Empower students, families, and community by creating partnerships of collaboration that motivate and encourage biliteracy proudness and develop parent leaders
  • Helps school districts meet state and federal compliance by implementing effective parent, family, and community engagement activities, as required under the federal Elementary and Secondary Act, known as ESSA (Title I, Part A- whole district; Title III, Part A-ELA specific to emergent bilingual population).