Culturally Sustaining Sheltered Instruction

Would you address the needs of all your students, including newcomers and long-term language learners?

Are you looking to equip all of your teachers with tools and strategies to make their subjects comprehensible and relevant to a diverse student population?

Would you like to see active learning and participation 100% of the time?

If your answer is yes to all or any of these questions, then Culturally Sustaining Sheltered Instruction (CSSI) is for you!

Culturally Sustaining Sheltered Instruction proposes that we get to really know our students, see their different cultures and languages as a tool for learning and add new culture, new language, and new knowledge in all the languages used to learn and in all content areas.

Participants will take a closer look at the various resources available to them, use all the knowledge acquired to make plans that align to a Culturally Sustaining Sheltered Instruction Approach. Based on research, teachers will be presented with effective methods that facilitate learning and success for all students. We will revisit fundamental research theories characteristic of the instruction that should occur in every classroom that is composed of multilingual learners.

General Overview:
Module 1
Understanding Culturally Sustaining Sheltered Instruction:
  • Understanding Who are Our students and their differentiated needs
  • Who are the teachers and their differentiated roles?
  • What is Culturally Sustaining Sheltered Instruction?
  • What are Culturally Sustaining Practices?
  • Why Sheltered Instruction is not enough anymore?
Module 2
Building a Tacher Toolkit that addresses ALL students’ needs:
  • Instructional Methods:
  • Understanding the Bilingual Brain
  • Second Language Acquisition Methods and Theories we must take in consideration when using CSSI
Module 3
Accessing and Effectively Applying the Resources Available
  • Resources Provided by my State
  • Resources Provided by my District
  • Additional Resources

Want to get a glimpse into what Culturally Sustaining Sheltered Instruction is all about? Join us for a FREE webinar!

Virtual Event

When: October 26

Where: Virtual Event

Duration: 1 day or 3-90 minutes sessions

Delivery methods: Virtual, face-to-face, or hybrid

Time: 4:00 p.m. - 4:45 p.m. Central Time


This training is for anyone working with emergent bilingual students, newcomers, and serving in any of the following language programs:  

  • Dual Language Teachers
  • Transitional Bilingual Teachers
  • ESL/ENL/ESOL Teachers
  • Paraprofessionals
  • Content-Area Teachers

Contact us for more information about available dates for your district/charter or campus. We have different delivery modalities for this 1-day institute.

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