Job-Embedded Support

Partner with Velázquez Press to provide learning opportunities that are based on the latest research. Our team is committed to create learning spaces that focus on effective educator practices.

Job-Embedded Professional Development Support

Our approach to support emerges from the acknowledgment that every district/campus has a unique community population. Velázquez Press is committed to provide a personalized plan that is created with your district/campus’ goals in mind. We design professional development that enhances teachers’ skills, their knowledge, and their instructional practices in the classroom. We do this by connecting to everyone’s level of experiences and challenges.

Our professional development is relevant, effective, and it is aligned to current research and instructional practices. We serve districts and charters all across the nation and our experienced educational team is ready to support your needs.

Areas of Support:
Biliteracy in the classroom

From methodology and latest research to application of biliteracy practices in the classroom, our team can support in developing the best plan for professional development for your teachers, administrators, or any other stakeholder group. Also check our new workshop that contains everything you want to know about bilitereacy, The ART of Biliteracy

Developing Academic Language Through the Content-Areas

With the growing number of emergent bilinguals/English learners in our schools, it is imperative that training is provided on sheltered-instructional practices for our teachers and administrators. We are here to help with job-embedded training that fits the needs of your teachers supporting the academic vocabulary growth of their students. Also, check our new Culturally Sustaining Sheltered Instruction institute.


Specialized support for teachers and administrators that work closely with recently arrived to the country emergent bilinguals/English learners is provided via district/charter or campus specific needs. From instructional classroom supports at the beginning and intimidate level to the programmatic facilitation of developing a plan.

Family Engagement

Our Velázquez Family Engagement program is an innovative approach that helps schools celebrate the multilingual and multicultural assets of their students, their families and their community. We are ready to plan effective collaborations of support with your families and your district staff.

Coaching Support

Our team of experts can develop a cycle of coaching support for teachers and/or administrators based on a specific district/campus instructional initiative. Together, we will develop a cycle that best fits the needs of the district/campus.


Whether you are looking to enhance your current bilingual or dual language program or need guidance to start the planning of your future program, our team of experts and authors are ready to support and collaborate with your team. We are able

Areas Support:
Language Framework Development

We can help you and your team to develop the best Language of Allocation Framework or Language Master Plan that best fits your district/charter or campus; based on any of the supported allocations that are research-based.

District Program Evaluation

We are able to conduct yearly program evaluations, conduct focused groups and hold program interviews with all stakeholders. Whether your state or district may require a yearly evaluation, we are happy to also conduct these for program enhancement and re- alignment.

Instructional Rounds

Our team will collaborate with your district/campus instructional network group (this group ideally includes administration representatives that work directly with staff that makes an impact in student learning). Together we will engage in instructional walks to observe program learning practices and the application of strategies.

Funding Considerations:

Texas – Title III monies can be spent on resources, materials, and professional development that supports the enhancement of your current state approved language program(s).

If your district has filed a Bilingual Exception and/or an ESL Waiver with the state, then 10% of your district's Bilingual Education Allotment (BEA) funds must be spent on professional development as part of your Comprehensive PD Plan.

Meet Our Experts
Dr. Elizet Moret

Dr. Elizet Moret is an educational leader that advocates for the needs of culturally and linguistically diverse students and promotes access to equitable education that is centered on equity and social justice. She currently serves as the Director of Professional Learning in Biliteracy and Family Engament at Velázquez Press. Previous to joining Velázquez Press, Dr. Moret has served as Texas' state coordinator at the Texas Education Agency, where she worked on the commissioner's state initiative of Dual Language programming and implementation. She has also collaborated and guided the revisions on Chapter 89, Subchapter BB in regard to the education of emergent bilinguals in the state of Texas. At the national level, Dr. Moret has been a contributing author for Drs. Wayne Thomas and Virginia Collier’s book Transforming Secondary Education: Middle and High School Dual Language Programs and has also served as a national bilingual consultant for the Center of Applied Linguistics (CAL).

Josephine Rubio, M. A.

Josephine has a Master's Degree in Curriculum and Instruction with a focus on Bilingual and Biliterate Ed from the University of Texas at Austin. She is about to conclude her 24th year in education where she's been a Bilingual teacher, a Dual language teacher, a Bilingual Instructional Coach, a Dyslexia Specialist, and a Biliteracy Curriculum Writer. Before joining Velázquez Press as an education and parent engagement consultant, she worked as a multilingual specialist for a region education service center in Texas. Through all these years, she has developed a strong interest in the impact of teachers' identity and ideology on the view and support they provide their students and families.

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Many of our authors are able to provide training on their specific area of work, as well as consultive support. Contact us to find out more information about areas of support with on eof our authors.