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The first course in the academy, Introduction to Academic Spanish in the Classroom, is a three-hour virtual workshop delivered in Spanish. All of the necessary materials for the entire certification program are included with registration for this course. This introductory course is also a required prerequisite for all other courses in the academy.

An understanding of the structure and history of the Spanish language empowers educators to more effectively teach Spanish language and literacy skills with confidence. The Velázquez Academic Spanish Language Academy for Educators offers a series of courses designed to have an immediate and lasting impact on teaching practices in your classroom or context. Participants in this certification program dig deep into Spanish spelling rules, common mistakes, syllable structure, and the use of accents. Participants engage with activities to promote foundational literacy skills in Spanish as well as activities that develop students’ reading and writing skills in later grades. Sociocultural aspects of the Spanish language, such as regional variations and historical influences, are also explored.


  • Palabra amiga book
  • Palabra amiga workbook
  • Social studies glossary
  • Science glossary
  • Math glossary

This is the equivalent of $80 of FREE materials included in the registration price