Velázquez World Wide Spanish English Dictionary

Velàzquez Press

SKU: 9781594950018
Language: Spanish
Publisher: Velàzquez Press

Over 1/2 million copies sold world wide, the 2010 Velázquez World Wide Spanish English Dictionary is ideal for use in both the classroom and home. 

  • Over 85,000 entries and colored headings for both the English and Spanish sides
  • Newly integrated English and Spanish pronunciations for each entry
  • Detailed explanation of the English sounds
  • Easy-to-read font, bold guide phrases, intuitive phonetic spelling and single word lists for both the Spanish and English side
  • Modern scientific and technological terms to meet today's classroom demands
  • Complete listing of Spanish verb conjugations, both regular and irregular
  • Includes entry-by-entry Spanish pronunciation and an abundance of idiomatic phrases, each under its appropriate Spanish entry
  • Meets many State Assessment Standards