Velázquez Word to Word English and Spanish School Dictionary

Velàzquez Press

SKU: 9781594951329
Language: Spanish
Publisher: Velàzquez Press

Velázquez Word to Word English and Spanish School Dictionary is a dictionary specially designed to meet today’s classroom needs. It contains the key academic vocabulary students encounter in the classroom or during state standardized tests. Velázquez Word to Word English and Spanish School Dictionary is the ideal reference tool for students to study in the language arts, math, science and social studies classroom or to use as an accommodation during state standardized tests.

  • 86,000 English to Spanish and Spanish to English entries, with focus on American English and Latin American Spanish
  • The only bilingual dictionary that contains 22,000 academic vocabulary words students need to know for the classroom, STAAR, STAR(CST), CAHSEE and NPEP.
  • Durable hardcover binding for classroom use
  • Aligned with Texas, California and Nevada Standards Grades 3-12

Sample Entries:

  • Words appearing on language arts tests: group discussion, drawing conclusions, character development, function analogy, indefinite pronoun
  • Words appearing on math tests: right angle, consecutive angle, greatest common divisor (GCD), impossible outcome, corresponding value for
  • Words appearing on science tests: inherited adaptation, table of elements, cedar cone volcano, electromagnetic wave