Familia (Spanish) Hardcover

Velàzquez Press

SKU: 9781594957659
Author: José Medina
Language: Spanish
Publisher: Velàzquez Press

Following his first poetry book “ Lo Que Se Dice, Se Hace”, Dr. Jose Medina continues to champion the social-cultural competence theme and discuss the importance of family for the immigrant/ESL community. Written in authentic Spanish and English, Familia presents two perspectives, Jose Medina’s and his sister Vanessa’s account of what it’s like to live in-between two worlds and cultures both literally and figuratively. It explores socioeconomic status, body image, anti-bully and other culture topics that helps students develop crosscultural competence and increases respect and mutual understanding. As a gritty, unflinching view of the immigrant experience Familia is ideal for teachers and principals looking to improve school culture or develop biliteracy.