• One day, virtual
    • Presented by Silvia Romero-

    Johnson and Teresa CarranzaDuring this one-day workshop, participants will work through a process to reflect on the current dual language student and program data available to principals and teachers and to carefully consider how they can use this data strategically. A focus will be considering how to consistently integrate student language data into problem solving processes. This workshop is ideal for educators and leaders who have a desire and commitment to critically reflect on their program’s structure and current student problem solving and instructional action planning practices, tied to the data they collect and how it is used to ensure it delivers on their mission of equitable education. Throughout the day, Dr. Carranza and Dr. Romero Johnson will provide recommendations for processes, systems and tools that support a reflective process that leads to critical action.

Learning Objectives:

  • Develop a continuous improvement process at the school level that is responsive to the design of DL Programs.
  • Develop a language-integrated data processing model that leads to strategic planning at the student, team, and-program level.